Honoring My Mom

imageDuring a recent road trip and overnight stay at the Comfort Suites in Gallup, New Mexico, I came across this picture hanging in the hotel lobby. It made me feel a sense of pride as I thought about my mom who was a member of the military in the early 1960’s, before I was born, and served as a reservist during my middle school years.

I would often quietly observe my mom in her uniform with her tiny combat boots, and wonder what her weekend would entail as she headed off for her weekend duty. I always admired her, but even more so when she was in uniform.

I recently had the fortune of going through my mom’s footlocker to sort and retrieve items from the past, like the Thanksgiving program from the mess hall and a brief letter home. It was a such special time for me. I always wished I could have been a fly on the wall to see my mom in her youth, this was my opportunity to see a piece of it.

I am grateful to have a mom that served her country. She was the foundation that kept our family together. My mom is such an important part of my life and I am so fortunate to share a new life journey with her.

Happy Mother’s Day mom!❤️