I Found My Soulmate


Have you ever wondered if there was any truth to finding your soulmate? I always believed we each have a soulmate, however, it may take time to find him or her.

My soulmate reality came to fruition, while working several years ago. I saw a man in my work location and immediately felt something in my heart that made me feel he was the one for me. I never had such a strong feeling of connecting with a person, I did not know, and a need to meet him…maybe it was love at first sight.

I’m was so grateful and nervous when I finally had the opportunity to meet him. I found out he had a “little” crush on me too. He apparently had seen me out and about, but never approached me.

I’m happy to say, my soulmate is still here by my side 23 years later. We have such a great connection, and the ability to laugh and support each other during the best and most difficult times.

I know he is my soulmate. He is always in my heart and I still get butterflies when we’re away from each other for a few days.❤️


Looking for Love, Well Open Your Eyes

One thing I find interesting is, how a person’s priorities change when they are looking for love or a committed relationship. It starts out as a somewhat simple endeavor, but it can turn into a task for some due to unrealistic expectations.

Most of us start a relationship by searching for someone to spend time with who shares some of our own values and goals. We view those values and goals as the foundation to build a future together.

Then you have those committed to the dreaded CHECKLIST. A checklist is often defined as, a list of requirements. Love cannot be defined by a rigid check list or requirements, unless you are looking for a non-human person. Do you order the person from a factory based on your well thought out checklist?

I have even heard people say, I’m praying for love, I know God will send someone my way. However, the moment someone approaches, the wall goes up, as they instantaneously scan the check list embedded in their mind (and saved on their phone). Maybe the person you just wrote off, God sent your way based on your prayers.

Sometimes, you need to merely open your eyes and look at what is around you. A potential partnership may be right there is plain view, but your vision is blocked by that inevitable check list. ❤️