Friendship is Such a Delicate Term


The word ‘friend’ is such a delicate term. This word may be defined and applied in various ways, depending on the user. Once you are bestowed with a friendship badge, you should hold it in high esteem and wear it with honor.

For me, a true friend is found in someone who is always there for you, with NO expectations. They connect with you on personal level and understand you, even at your weakest moment.

Friends do not judge you, they support you and lift you up. You know you’re in the company of friend, when you feel at ease being you, you let your guard down and expose your true being.

Friendship does not have an established criteria, it’s based on what you find important in defining friends in your life. I have found some friends to be too draining and needy, so I released them from my friendship pool. Who needs a friend that is envious, uncaring, and all about themself, and even worse brings constant negativity into your life…not me.

Every so often, a ‘friends cleanse’ is required to determine who stays and who goes.  At this point in my life, there’s no need for me to have the most friends to be considered popular, I choose quality over quantity.