Yes! My Peace Restored

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I’m so happy to know, I’m not the only person in the world who finds peace in an organized home. After having conversations with a few other people, they too expressed when their home was in disarray, they were unable to feel at peace in their home.

My home is an extension of my well-being, and when my home is a mess, I feel like a zombie walking through a minefield. I need the blinds / curtains open to feel the warmth of the sun, plus the light of the sun brings out the vitamin D in me.  I’m not one for a dark and dreary depressing home.

Now let’s get to the topic at hand, my peace was put on pause last weekend when new furniture was delivered. I gave clear instructions, to a person who shall remain nameless, on where the old furniture should go. It definitely was not the living and dining room. The good news is, the furniture has since been removed and the dark cloud of unorganized chaos has lifted and my peace has been restored.

So know you’re not alone when an unorganized space impacts your peace. There’s no 1(800) number to  find your peace, you must have a little patience and know it will soon end.

On a side note, the person who shall remain nameless, had a perfect explanation for placing the furniture is this area.


Organizing is Music to My Ears

Living an organized life brings me peace. I perk up when someone tells me they cleaned and organized their garage over the weekend. I beam with excitement as they tell me what they tossed and how they arranged their new found space. I know it’s a bit strange to find excitement in cleaning a garage, but living my life as an organized person makes each day less stressful, and I feel joy in knowing someone else will find joy with their organized garage.

One of my favorite weekend activities is making a trip to a home store or searching Pinterest for items to organize some aspect of my life. I look at organizational items for their multi-purpose use. This morning I noticed a container that once held pretzels would make a perfect gift box, due to it’s unique shape and classy exterior lining.

Some people are born organized, while others must must work at it. When I read the post, Blogs, Planning and Free Printables at I found her desire to become more organized in 2015 very compelling. I admire her for identifying some tools and web sites that will help her. It takes patience to find the right tools to create your ‘organized peace.’ The best thing about it is, there are 12 months in a year to start down the path to an organized life.

Organized Traveler

imageI’m a sucker for anything to make packing and my travel experience as stress free as possible. Therefore, I’m always on the look out for items to use when traveling. I love patterns and items that stand out, so it’s easy to immediately identify the contents within.

I purchased an accessory and flat iron all-in-one organizer to eliminate the need for two separate organizers. The flat iron portion is heat resistant and zips to keep my flat iron and cord nice and neat.  Depending on the amount of accessories I pack, I sometimes place my jewelry in ziplock bags inside the zippered compartments to keep things tangle free and to easily access “a look.” After everything is packed, I simply fold the trifold organizer and snap the fastener. It also had a carrying handle.


Shoe bags also are nice touch when packing shoes. I use a large bag that holds 2-3 pairs of shoes. The shoes bags keep my shoes from being scratched and transferring residue from the bottom of my shoes to items packed in my suitcase.

One item I truly love is a small vintage pill case that I purchased at a small boutique store, Francesca’s Collections. It has such a unique look, it doesn’t scream “PILL CASE.” This is handy dandy container is a nice reminder to take my vitamins.

Some great places to find items to organizes when traveling include TJ Maxx, Steinmart, Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and boutique stores.