10 Ways to Show Left-Handers Some Love


1. Create dry line correction tape doesn’t require lefties to hold it upside down.
2. Have a pair of left handed scissors available.
3. Ice cream scoop adapted to lefties.
4. Teach us to play sports the right way…left handed. (Assistance may be required)
5. Retail stores please have spiral notebooks with the spiral on right side. Note: I found one in a college bookstore.
6. Create more mugs with the graphic facing inward…I like to see why I bought the mug while I drink.
7. Create clipboards that allow us to write on it without removing the paper from the clip.
8. Move the affixed credit card swiper a few inches to the right to allow lefties easier access to swipe.
9. Teach us to play instruments left-handed. The ukulele instructor in Hawaii took the time to teach me left-handed. He scored major points.
10. Provide a universal computer mouse or allow lefties access to configure the mouse for left-handed use.

Thank you from the bottom of our lefty hearts.

If You Could, Would You Do it All Over Again?

If you could relive your life and go back to the past would you? This is question I ask myself. I often drift back to the early 80’s, this was an exciting time for me, no worries,  just living each day without hesitation. The music of the 80’s was some of the best, real voices and instruments. One of my favorite memories was attending my very first concert….PRINCE, need I say more.

I recently discussed this topic with a friend. We felt it would be great to go back in time, but with the knowledge have now. However, we must acknowledge our past experiences, help shape our future.

If you could go relive your life would you? What would you do different?

Funny How Time Flies When You’re Living Life

Has anyone noticed how fast this year has zoomed by, or is it just me? I’m still stuck in August and trying to figure out how we ended up in December already. People have told me as you get older time flies, you’ll wiz through a year in a matter of months. However, I contribute this fast paced year to my busy everyday life, not the aging process.

Today we are all busy with work, family, friends, self-care, and tying to maintain a balanced life. In addition, we have that extra hand, or should I say smartphone, attached to our arm that constantly takes minutes/hours away from our daily routine. We constantly read or respond to emails and text messages or search the internet for new information or current news, and last but not least, making phone calls throughout the day, that in the past were reserved for the end of the day or weekend.

When you factor in the amount of time spent on our smartphones and/or tablets, it takes away precious minutes from our day, which leads to time passing in the blink of an eye. Maybe, I need to take a few minutes each day to schedule some dedicated time to reflect on my day. This may be the key to slowing my life down, so I can enjoy each month.

Here we go! This so Called Life after 50…

I just celebrated my 50th birthday and decided what better time than now to create the blog I’ve always dreamed of creating. My goal is to share tips and ideas for leading a fulfilling life.

I often share, when asked, things that helped me achieve my personal and professional goals. I do not profess to be a guru on life, but I enjoy helping others and seeing them succeed. Here are some of the things I enjoy sharing with others.

  • Tips for interviewing
  • Dressing for interviews
  • Quotes, quotes & more quotes
  • Recipes to try
  • Things to do (‘me’ day, as a couple, with friends or family)
  • My favorite topics (shopping deals, fun accessories, products to try)

Okay, I think you get my point. I love to see people fulfilled as a whole.

Now back to this age thing…some people are so bothered by turning 50, they go to this dark place and feel as though life is over, but as my mother and others have said, “it could be worse, you could be in a place where you no longer celebrate.” They have a point.

I found turning 50 to be quite the opposite. I felt more confident and a sense of inner-peace. I deemed it, living my second half of life. I’m truly ready to see what life will send my way, and what new opportunities I will take on. I’m not ready to create a ‘Bucket List’ just yet, I still have time for that.

I’m taking this time to focus on me, no I’m not selfish, I’m just choosing to put myself first. I spent several years of the first half of my life focusing on others, while focusing on me last. I CHOOSE ME FOR PART II.