Ginger is the Smell for Me

Smell You Later

In response to the Daily Prompt, “Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.”

One memory that stands out for me, is the smell of ginger.


One year while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii, we thought what better way to enjoy the beautiful clear water than to go in a snorkeling excursion. We made our way by boat to Molokini Crater for a day of adventure.


After several hours into our excursion, it hit me, I was sea sick beyond the point of control. One of the kind crew members offered me some ground ginger and said it was the cure all, when sea sick. I mixed it in my water, took one sick, and being to vomit to the point of full on embarrassment. I ended up sleeping until we returned to shore.

To this day, I absolutely hate the smell of ginger. It takes me immediately to my snorkeling adventure.

Molokini photo credit:
Ron Garnett/HTS

A Fair Wage

Dear Leader

In response to the Daily Prompt, “If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?”

Increase minimum wage.

There are too many hardworking people that fall under the category, “the working poor.”

We should make sure everyone is paid a livable wage and not judge those working for minimum wage and their circumstances.

An increase in minimum wage, may also free up money allocated for government programs.

To Lie or Not to Lie


Truth or Dare

In response to the Daily Prompt question, “Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?”

I believe it’s best to be honest when someone asks your opinion. However, there are times when you must be careful in how you express the information and how much to divulge.

Sometimes, being honest may cause you to feel uneasy, but in the end it may cause the person asking to truth you and have more respect for you.

I find that when people are honest with me, I appreciate it. However, I have had people be too honest without using that good old mouth filter, called tact, which led to me feeling hurt my their honesty.

Ultimately, it’s all in how you say it.