A Smile Will Warm the Heart


Have you ever noticed how something as simple as a smile will warm your heart and remove the woes of the day? Sometimes, it’s a little smirk or a full-on smile with all 32 pearly whites. It could be from that little baby who smiles from a tickle or an elderly person who struggles to smile.

A smile seems to be the universal language when there is a communication barrier. A smile will ease tension and allow the recipient to know it’s okay to smile back or extend a hand for a handshake.

I have learned from supermodel Tyra Banks how to “smize”,  the art of smiling with your eyes. And I have learned from the cold-hearted how to smile with my heart.

The most important lesson I have learned is no matter how I’m feeling or what’s on my plate, a smile will warm my heart even if for a minute and will momentarily take away the stresses of the day. Try on a smile and see how you like it.😃


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