It Starts with Customer Service

imageToday, I had the opportunity to observe a gentleman who worked as the gate agent for an airlines, demonstrating what I consider exceptional customer service. Although it was 5:35 a.m., he was very engaging, attentive, and had a ever steady smile. His customer service  was outstanding, and a few of us waiting passengers took notice.

He was an elderly gentleman (I have a soft spot for the elderly) and was so kind to the other elderly passengers, making their wheelchair decent to the plane entertaining. When another elderly gentleman approached, he mentioned, it’s so nice to see someone like me still working. The gate agent responded in a positive manner.

I am a big stickler for customer service and had to let this gentleman know he had great customer service. He thanked me with the biggest smile that warmed my heart. He was my inspiration today and brighten my day, even though I was half asleep when I arrived at the airport.

When you see someone exhibiting great customer service, let them know. The service they provide is for us and they should know when they’re doing a great job.


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