10 Ways to Show Left-Handers Some Love


1. Create dry line correction tape doesn’t require lefties to hold it upside down.
2. Have a pair of left handed scissors available.
3. Ice cream scoop adapted to lefties.
4. Teach us to play sports the right way…left handed. (Assistance may be required)
5. Retail stores please have spiral notebooks with the spiral on right side. Note: I found one in a college bookstore.
6. Create more mugs with the graphic facing inward…I like to see why I bought the mug while I drink.
7. Create clipboards that allow us to write on it without removing the paper from the clip.
8. Move the affixed credit card swiper a few inches to the right to allow lefties easier access to swipe.
9. Teach us to play instruments left-handed. The ukulele instructor in Hawaii took the time to teach me left-handed. He scored major points.
10. Provide a universal computer mouse or allow lefties access to configure the mouse for left-handed use.

Thank you from the bottom of our lefty hearts.


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