Yes! My Peace Restored

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I’m so happy to know, I’m not the only person in the world who finds peace in an organized home. After having conversations with a few other people, they too expressed when their home was in disarray, they were unable to feel at peace in their home.

My home is an extension of my well-being, and when my home is a mess, I feel like a zombie walking through a minefield. I need the blinds / curtains open to feel the warmth of the sun, plus the light of the sun brings out the vitamin D in me.  I’m not one for a dark and dreary depressing home.

Now let’s get to the topic at hand, my peace was put on pause last weekend when new furniture was delivered. I gave clear instructions, to a person who shall remain nameless, on where the old furniture should go. It definitely was not the living and dining room. The good news is, the furniture has since been removed and the dark cloud of unorganized chaos has lifted and my peace has been restored.

So know you’re not alone when an unorganized space impacts your peace. There’s no 1(800) number to  find your peace, you must have a little patience and know it will soon end.

On a side note, the person who shall remain nameless, had a perfect explanation for placing the furniture is this area.


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