Organizing is Music to My Ears

Living an organized life brings me peace. I perk up when someone tells me they cleaned and organized their garage over the weekend. I beam with excitement as they tell me what they tossed and how they arranged their new found space. I know it’s a bit strange to find excitement in cleaning a garage, but living my life as an organized person makes each day less stressful, and I feel joy in knowing someone else will find joy with their organized garage.

One of my favorite weekend activities is making a trip to a home store or searching Pinterest for items to organize some aspect of my life. I look at organizational items for their multi-purpose use. This morning I noticed a container that once held pretzels would make a perfect gift box, due to it’s unique shape and classy exterior lining.

Some people are born organized, while others must must work at it. When I read the post, Blogs, Planning and Free Printables at I found her desire to become more organized in 2015 very compelling. I admire her for identifying some tools and web sites that will help her. It takes patience to find the right tools to create your ‘organized peace.’ The best thing about it is, there are 12 months in a year to start down the path to an organized life.


One thought on “Organizing is Music to My Ears

  1. I agree with you when it comes to getting excited when things are organized and you find new ways of organizing your space and your life consequently. I think that a constant strive to improved organization of stuff in the home is what makes a house into a true home and makes it stand out as well as more pleasant to be living in. Great post!

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