New Year’s Resolution…Really?

I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions. I believe that everyone has to find the right moment in life to make changes and find the power to act. Why add pressure to your already stressed and pressure filled life to set goals on January 1st, or force yourself to make promises that you may or may not be able to keep.

In my younger years, I always made New Year’s resolutions and set my goals for the year. It helped me stay on track and fulfill some of my personal and professional goals. However, now my life has changed, and I believe it’s best for me to focus on living from day-to-day. I’m now a no pressure kind of gal and do not need the stress of keeping New Year’s resolutions.  I would much rather live a little on the wild side and enjoy what each day brings.

There are many people that choose to sit down at the close of the year and write out their resolutions to guide them through the upcoming year, which is great, because that’s what works for them. Some people beat themselves up or push the restart button on the 31st of January when they find the scale increased by two pounds or that early morning gym workout seems ridiculous, when you could sleep in for another hour or two.

Ultimately, everyone has a method for living their life and if it means making New Year’s resolutions, so be it.


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