Funny How Time Flies When You’re Living Life

Has anyone noticed how fast this year has zoomed by, or is it just me? I’m still stuck in August and trying to figure out how we ended up in December already. People have told me as you get older time flies, you’ll wiz through a year in a matter of months. However, I contribute this fast paced year to my busy everyday life, not the aging process.

Today we are all busy with work, family, friends, self-care, and tying to maintain a balanced life. In addition, we have that extra hand, or should I say smartphone, attached to our arm that constantly takes minutes/hours away from our daily routine. We constantly read or respond to emails and text messages or search the internet for new information or current news, and last but not least, making phone calls throughout the day, that in the past were reserved for the end of the day or weekend.

When you factor in the amount of time spent on our smartphones and/or tablets, it takes away precious minutes from our day, which leads to time passing in the blink of an eye. Maybe, I need to take a few minutes each day to schedule some dedicated time to reflect on my day. This may be the key to slowing my life down, so I can enjoy each month.


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