Finding Your Inner-self

Are you often puzzled by what defines you? Sometimes we, as individuals, are too consumed by what people think about us or how people view what we say or do. We become consumed with pleasing others and not being true to ourselves.

To find your true inner-self, you must first be true to yourself and your beliefs. You should take a moment to figure out what defines you as a person. What are some of the things that bring you joy, family, friends, a hobby, religion, or just having ‘me’ time? Once you determine what brings you joy or inner-peace take the necessary steps to ensure those things are a part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine, just make sure you know the timeframe works for you. I find joy in taking Zumba classes, having quiet time, partaking in massages, spending time with family or taking a road trip. These are the things that fulfill my inner-self.

Know that in finding your inner-self, you may be required to break down any barriers that may keep you from reaching the desired result. You may find it productive to journal your thoughts and feelings or to do some positive self-talk.

Only we can keep our inner-self healthy. We have to feed ourselves with self love and appreciation to build our foundation and keep the framework secure. We are the only one in charge of our inner-self, so we have a responsibility to our well-being and to take action to find what fulfills our inner-self.


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